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H-1B Information

DHS Planning To Collect Social Media Info On All Immigrants

The Department Homeland Security has decided to record social media accounts of all immigrants. People with permanent citizenships and neutralized citizens do not hold any exception either. The department’s immigrants’ file will now have a section for all social media handles and aliases for the individuals. According to the department, these handles will help them

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L-1 Visa

Increasing L-1 Visa Applications After Decline In H1-B Visas

H1-B Visa and L-1 Visa are both non-immigrant visas. However, there is a difference between both. H1-B visa was stated out in 1990 for skilled individuals to join companies in the USA. It allows employers to get foreign workforce on board. Before this year, an average of 85,000 H1-B visas was approved annually. In 2017,

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Level 1 Wages

Information Relevant For Employers about Level 1 Wages on The LCA

H-1B Visa is a perfect gateway for employers in the United States to bring in trained personnel from all around the world to work in their firms. It is an employment-based visa and thus, provides an opportunity to those foreign professionals who are theoretically and technically experts in their specific fields such as engineering, mathematics,

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