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h-1b news

H-1B News – June 2018

H-1B News – June 2018 No big changes in H-1B Visa coming H-1B News time at Work Visas Solutions.  Thanks for joining us at work – where we code for the American dream so it is still open to the world’s best and brightest..just like you. Welcome & Hook Did you hear the H-1B

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visa beneficiaries

Statistics of Visa Beneficiaries from USCIS

visa beneficiaries in this episode!  Stay up to date & get alerts of new video content from Work Visas YouTube by subscribing with the button below.  Click the button to check out more informative work visas information. Subscribe That’s why Tom does these video blogs – to help America’s secret sauce stay and work in

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h-1b lottery

H-1B Lottery Winners Released…latest H-1B News

H-1B Lottery results are in for 2019.  So Tom did a video…he learned more about iMovie than the data released by USCIS.  Evidentially you have to delete your iMovie library after it swells past 20 gigs or you get a lot of buggy stuff…More good stuff coming at you!  It’s for America’s secret sauce –

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