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f-1 to h-1b

F-1 to H-1B Success! To Scare with an RFE!!??

F-1 to H-1B is the path hundreds of thousands of students plan on using to start their You’ve done it!  But then something goes wrong, you get a Request for Evidence (RFE) From the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS).  These RFEs have skyrocketed with the Trump administration, up over 300% since Obama left

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f-1 to h-1b

Tom Howard Immigration

Tom Howard Immigration – google it.  This page should come up as  #1.  I mean, it’s flipping everywhere.  It’s the title of the page, the first few lines of the page and everything, but if you landed on this page because you googled that term – Welcome. We built Work Visas Solutions just for you. 

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