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immigrant business

When Can an Immigrant Start a Business

Anyone can start a business in America.  Even foreign companies can start and form businesses in America.  The problems really arise when the immigrant that starts its own business wants to legally work for it.  The video below explains Stay up to date & get alerts of new video content from Work Visas YouTube by

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legal marijuana

Can an H-1B Invest in the Legal Marijuana Industry?

Legal marijuana, many H-1B holders off from a fresh session of Bhang at a Holi party may think it is perfectly normal.  However, H-1B visa holders then may want to open up business in the legal marijuana industry because it is growing and people like making money.  Especially easy money, but the money in the

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top h-1p

H-1B Tips – Five of the Best Tips to Get your Visa

H-1B Tips to help you extend your American Dream beyond the F-1 phase where you’re getting your “specialty occupation.” We made a short video and this post to help coach young F-1 students into totally amazing H-1B visa holders, or even Green Card holders.  It’s what we do at Work Visas Solutions, we keep America

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