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H-1B Information

H1-B consultants

The ‘so called’ H1-B Consultants

H1-B consultants claim to facilitate moving to the United States of America, which is a dream of all, dreamed mainly to have independence and freedom. Hence, a lot of people apply for immigration visas to be a part of this place of liberation. The US issues various kinds of visas for immigrants, each with a

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Raise Act

Trump has announced the Raise Act

The Trump government has recently announced a Raise Act, an immigration bill, in the US Senate. The bill, RAISE, is an acronym which stands for Reforming American Immigration for Stronger Employment. As the name suggests, the bill strongly favors the inflow of English speaking, educated and highly qualified immigrants as opposed to the intake of

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Cap Exempt H-1B Petitions

H-1B USCIS and Cap Exempt H-1B Petitions

The H-1B visas allow the United States companies to hire foreign graduate workers.  It is a non-immigrant visa that brings in the talented personnel from all around the world to work in specialized fields in the United States companies. These specialized fields include IT, finance, accounting, architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, medicine. According to studies and

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