H1-B consultants claim to facilitate moving to the United States of America, which is a dream of all, dreamed mainly to have independence and freedom. Hence, a lot of people apply for immigration visas to be a part of this place of liberation. The US issues various kinds of visas for immigrants, each with a set of strict policies and limitations. Some of these are for the permanent Green Card, whereas some go for a work visa wherein a US based company hires you and sponsors your VISA application for immigration. This is known as an H1-B visa.

Given an enormous amount of people looking forward to move to the US, a lot of people have started taking advantage of this fact. Such people create scams and frauds regarding immigration offers. Mostly, this involves offering low-end jobs and attractive marketing gigs to attract people who are not well-aware of the policy changes. These perpetrators act as ‘so-called H1-B consultants’ and usually scam you in either running away with your money or landing you jobs in illegal or nonexistent companies in the US. This leaves the immigration applicant in the middle and ruins all the efforts that the person put in to move to the US.

How do the H1-B Consultants post scam material?

Mostly, these fraud H1-B Consultants post job offers via email, targeting the overall niche like IT professional. It lists down all possible skill requirements, making it more of a general post than a specifically targeted skill set. For instance, IT professionals required with web development, android development skills.

Tip: An open-ended job post is a warning sign of a probable scam. Watch out!

Another way to identify such scams is that such postings often contain contradicting statements like H1B visa will be sponsored as well as, down the bottom, mentions depending upon the company.

Tip: Contradicting statements in a job post is another warning sign of a scam.

Since the Trump Government has been in power, the immigration policies have become more restricted, especially after the bill to increase the minimum wage of H1B visa holder from $65,000 to $130,000. While the Trump Administration is pushing companies to “hire American, this has demoralized a lot of big companies regarding hiring foreign workers. This bill came along with another implication of making sure that the immigrants are skilled enough to be brought to the US. (Another immigration bill, the Raise Act, has also been announced by Trump in the US Senate).

Also, that there are no Americans who can do the particular job, stressing the importance of having an immigrant as an employee. People who are unaware of such policy changes often become a victim of these possible fraud provoking H-1B consultants or scammers and end up losing valuable money and efforts trying to move into the US.

What should you do to save yourself from these fraud H-1B Consultants?

My advice to all would be to keep a strict check on any policy changes regarding immigrants and make sure of them before applying for a job. Take care of the Tips mentioned above and conduct a complete fact check regarding the companies as well as the employers and the H1-B consultants companies in order to avoid scams and frauds that may cost you a fortune. It may be a hefty task for some, but believe me, it is worth it. Especially, when your hard earned money and your whole career is at stake!

Stay vigilant, Stay Safe! have a wonderful career in the US!