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Tom Howard Immigration – google it.  This page should come up as  #1.  I mean, it’s flipping everywhere.  It’s the title of the page, the first few lines of the page and everything, but if you landed on this page because you googled that term – Welcome. We built Work Visas Solutions just for you.  Work Visas solutions takes an overly complex, time consuming process, getting your H-1B or L-1 Visas, and turns it into the most straight forward process it can be.  Then it manages all the visa data so that you can always stay in Status.  Totally designed to keep America #1 in global competitiveness and entrepreneurship.

Tom Howard Immigration


See, in the video, I told people to google tom howard immigration. And I am not all that sure what it will return. One day, it will be just fine. That day is not today. I think I ramble too much in these and do not keep it centered on what it should be – useful information for immigrants that want to get their H-1B Visa.

One thing I know for sure Tom Howard immigration is going to be the search term for this page, and I’ll have to write several word with this term sprinkled in.  So this is how we plan on marketing it.  Tom Howard immigration needs practice.  He is more about code than visas – at least for now.  Repetition is the mother of all skill and this is a new skill I do not have.  It’s actually pretty hard to get past the times we live in, back in the day you could just stay behind the scenes.  But now, Tom Howard immigration requires a youtube channel because a human face gets more attention.

That’s why he’s donating an hour of his time each week to H-1B and L-1 visa holders or hopefuls to address their questions.  If you are an H-1B visa holder and have a question, please contact us on this website, or on our facebook page, or even leave a comment on our youtube channel.  The people like you are why we are here and over time, we really look forward to building a community. So start right now, click the button above and get going on your account.

Airbnb & H-1B Visa Holders – can they rent too?

H-1b and Airbnb – how does that work?


If you have an H-1B, you’re only supposed to work for one employer.  Well what exactly does that mean?   Well, first let me tell you who I am.  Hey, you may not know me. My name is Tom and I want you to do well.  Hopefully, you’re a swell F-1 student or another very well educated person that wonders how to be an American.  Maybe you’re a freaking sweet international business owner that wants to expand into America with the L-1 visa solutions that keeps the best of the world employed right here in the US of A.

Can an H-1 B visa holder also rent on Airbnb?  Of course, you can do anything.  The catch is sometimes you get caught because you’re not allowed to do what you wanted to do. Sorry those are the rules.  The rules exist for a reason.  They used to not be there and some one got hurt. Can you believe that?  People used to get hurt without rules.  Fortunately, now that we have all the rules people no longer suffer injury.

So the more precise question is can an H-1V visa holder lawfully rent a room on Airbnb.  Sorry!  Excuse me for being a lawyer that pays attention to words.  Can you believe that I’ve kept you waiting this long.  And why?  Why you may ask?  Because search algorithms require a certain amount of text peppered with specific key words, so H-1B airbnb.  Let’s set that off in a different header style to call it out in the HTML, because laser beams.

h-1b airbnb

Hey you know what you should do to rent on airbnb?  Get one of them H-1b jobby jobs because they is the crazy skills shit that keep America number 1 in the future!  How does you do that?  You came to the right place.  Log in right now and start getting your on.  Welcome to America, y’all!

What 2018 Holds For an H1b Visa Holder In Trump’s USA

H1-B visa holders were not surprised but, they were disappointed by the news when Trump moved forward to clamp down the companies which had H1-B visa holders working for it. Many of the Indian based tech companies retaliated against the motion or the bill which was passed by the California Rep. Darrell Issa in the House Judiciary Committee. As per the bill, the companies which have more H1-B visa holders working as employees there will have more difficulty in getting the work permits. This is going to have an impact on everyone; the companies, the H1-B visa holders and the United States of America.

President, Trump has common tone and message in terms of America’s progression and the outsiders. When it comes to the issues related to the visas, he has gathered all of them into a single pile of immigration, and not in a good way. He has made the people of America believe that all the immigrants are bad news. The bill also states, and now a common man there believes that the immigrants, in fact, intend to take away the jobs and social benefits. There are certain predicted changes that are on their way to occur in 2018, due to such implementation.

One of the most important H1B predictions of 2018, is that there could be an alteration in the method of a random lottery when to make it a more systematic approach in which higher salaries are given more preference. This approach implements the assumption that the people who are earning higher salaries possess greater and better skills than the ones earning lower salaries. This implementation, basically is, in order to achieve the aim of letting the ‘best and brightest’ people work in the United States.

Under the official visa, the students will not have the leverage to work feasibly and accordingly. Apart from this, there is a bipartisan bill which is ready to grow its roots deep down in the United States. This bill allows the authorities to prioritize the students, the students who were educated in the United States are to be given priority.  The bill, known as H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act will allow the authorities to give preference to the candidates who have more advanced degrees, skills which accounts for certain values and who have higher salaries.

The bill is more likely to increase audit performances and thorough investigations of each employer by the Department of Labor in order to detect the fraud and outsourcing within a particular company or firm. This could, or could not be the best way, as it might not reach the requirements of the department of labor in terms of human resources.

Deciding the immigrants’ future on the basis of such speculation, will not help set a course for a better future of America. The immigrants and employers should consult their advisers in order to comprehend better the political aura and how is going to affect their cases.

India tells USA that H-1B visa holders boost their economy

H-1B visa allows the employers in the United States to employ foreign workers from all around the world in specialized occupations such as financing, IT, architecture, engineering, accounts, science, mathematics etc. the petition of this visa has to be requested by the employer himself and the employer needs follow some guidelines as per the treatment of foreign workers.

These foreign workers employed via the H-1B visa contribute highly to the enhancement of the US economy. It is a way through which a whole bunch of skilled workers is accumulated in the United States.

Arun Jaitley, the current Finance Minister of India, was recently in America to attend the IMF and World Bank annual meeting. On 15th October, Sunday, the Finance Minister of India put forward his views regarding the H-1B visa holders in an interview with ANI. He notified that he had persuaded the people of United States of America to understand the importance of H-1B visa holders. He said that these H-1B visa holders are an asset to the US economy and he also emphasized on the fact that the H-1B visa holders from India must not be referred to as illegal economic immigrants.

Arun Jaitley was concerned about the treatment of Indians who are in the United States of America via the H-1B visa. He stated that these people contribute a major fraction in the American and must be treated accordingly. The view that these talented professionals are merely illegal migrants must be discarded as these individuals are high-value professionals.

Many IT professionals are hired by the employers from the United States of America. In the month of September, the processing had begun on a fast pace but the number of applications filed had increased so much that the processing was suspended temporarily.

His prime focus during the interview was the position of the India H-1B visa holders. He kept on emphasizing that the way these professionals are treated must be reconsidered and their hard work must be appreciated. They are highly professional workers and they must receive the respect they deserve and must not be labeled as the illegal economic migrants. Their work is contributing in shaping the future of the United States of America and soon Americans will realize how important they are to the economy of their country.

According to Jaitley, the relationship between India and the United State of America is maturing on many levels. Moreover, he also informed that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, had an exceptional experience on his visit to the United States. This maturing relationship between the two countries is something that will cause this relationship to be consolidated further.

During the same interview, Jaitley was questioned about Donald Trump’s statement in which he emphasized that the relationship between Pakistan and the United States of America is improving. To which he refused to comment on and referred to it as an internal matter of both the countries.

Trump Administration Decisions on H1-B Visas Are Costing Companies Growth

The Trump Era in the United States of America has not been a full of luck era for applicants of H1-B Visas. H1-B Visas not only helped the foreign workers to work freely in the states but it also helped the employers of the US companies to hire highly skilled personnel from every corner of the world. Most of the people in the US believe that the foreign workers are killing the employment opportunities for the Native Americans. Whereas, many believe that through these highly skilled foreign workers, the economy of the country is positively affected.

H1-B Visas help organizations in growth

The H1-B Visas allow hospitals and companies to hire foreigners who are best suited for the job for which the skilled Americans are not available. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Google, Facebook, and Oracle are the major hires of foreign workers in the United States.

The visa applications are facing more and more challenges for H-1B every day making it extremely difficult for the foreign workers to get employment and it has become way more difficult for the employers of the United States to hire such workers.

Trump administration and H1-B Visas

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services-USCIS showed data which made it evident that the Trump government is issuing way more challenges in issuing the H1-B Visas as compared to the Obama era.

In the time period between the months January and August, 85,000 Request for Evidence -RFEs have been issued to the applicants of H-1B visas. In the same time period in the Obama era, the RFEs issued were 45% less than the Trump era. Other hurdles created for H-1B applications includes challenging the basis of H-1B petitions by saying that there is less evidence that the employer needs a foreign worker. Adding to this, the entry-level jobs are being targeted by the Trump administration. It is looked upon as a stealth campaign against the issuance of H-1B visas. A New York-based immigration attorney, Cyrus Mehta stated that one way to design a policy synchronized with the trump administration is to impose more and scrutiny on the H-1B visa cases.

The trump administration is doing it all to delay the processing of H-1B visa applications by creating more and more hurdles in the processing. Even the process of renewing the popular foreign H1-B visa is toughened.

Well, 59% of the applications of the H-1B visas have been processed and nothing can be said as to how many more applications will be processed by the end of this year. In the fiscal year of Obama’s era, 89% of the H-1B visa applications were processed and issued.

It is not clear whether there will be a major impact on the number of H-1B visas issued by the end of the year but it is evident that objection is being issued over a huge number of H-1B visa applications which is forcing many companies to go for outsourcing as the required personnel is not available in the United States and if the companies cannot bring in the foreign talent in the states the only way is to outsource and hire the required skilled workers.

Restrictions on L-1 Visas Could Increase Outsourcing

Donald Trump’s Government is becoming very strict about the work visas that allow foreign workers to get employment in the US-based companies. But what he is forgetting is that the H-1B visas and L-1 visas have not only helped the foreign workers but also the employees of the United States.

It was not very long ago that after noticeable abates in H1-B visas, a lot of people started opting for L1-B visas. But even that didn’t seem to go well with the present Government. The strict rules and restrictions have not only been imposed on H-1B visas, but also on the L-1 visas, which is definitely going to affect outsourcing. Due to the restrictions imposed, the attention has been diverted to outsourcing and many other methods, such as investment visas.

Outsourcing refers to shifting some part of the business overseas. When due to the harsh laws, the employers cannot bring in the foreign professionals or find it difficult to do so, other means of getting their work done is by expanding its brand or shifting some of its areas to countries where they can find the required professional personnel. This is what is going to be the case in the United States if the restrictions on the H-1B and L-1 visas do not get a little lenient, which in turn will have a detrimental effect on the US economy.

Stuart Anderson, contributor to Forbes said that the companies would not stick in the United States after so much strictness and would rather choose to outsource. Economist and an author from the George Mason University, Tyler Cowen said that imposing such restrictions will cause the companies to opt for outsourcing which means that the employment opportunities in the United States will drop and the employment opportunities in the foreign lands will increase. He also added that outsourcing will not only affect the economy badly but it will also be disastrous for the reputation of the country all around the world.  Anderson argues that the demand for skills among the US and foreign-born workers is on the rise and it makes sense to allow more IT work to be performed in the US.

Another trend that will gain popularity is the investment visa. EB-5 visas which are commonly known as investor visas have already come in the spotlight now. A person or a family looking forward to the investment visa need to invest one-million dollars in US commercial projects or half a million dollars in projects to increase employment opportunities in rural areas where the employment rates are low.

There are numerous benefits of opting for EB-5 visas, especially for the students studying in the United States. The families who can afford the investment opt for it as it allows their children to work freely in the companies of the United States without the need for H-1B visas. CanAm Investor Services’ chief compliance officer and CEO said that many families from India have been enquiring about the EB-5 visas after the restrictions were imposed on H-1B visas. He also added that by opting for the investment visa, the families cut down up to 10 years from the process of gaining a green card and moreover, it allows the children of such families to work without any hurdles, such as H-1B visas and L-1 visas.