F-1 to H-1B Success! To Scare with an RFE!!??

F-1 to H-1B is the path hundreds of thousands of students plan on using to start their You’ve done it!  But then something goes wrong, you get a Request for Evidence (RFE) From the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS).  These RFEs have skyrocketed with the Trump administration, up over 300% since Obama left office.  Tom from WorkVisas.Solutions explains below what can happen in this process.


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Tom Howard Immigration

Tom Howard Immigration – google it.  This page should come up as  #1.  I mean, it’s flipping everywhere.  It’s the title of the page, the first few lines of the page and everything, but if you landed on this page because you googled that term – Welcome. We built Work Visas Solutions just for you.  Work Visas solutions takes an overly complex, time consuming process, getting your H-1B or L-1 Visas, and turns it into the most straight forward process it can be.  Then it manages all the visa data so that you can always stay in Status.  Totally designed to keep America #1 in global competitiveness and entrepreneurship.

Tom Howard Immigration


See, in the video, I told people to google tom howard immigration. And I am not all that sure what it will return. One day, it will be just fine. That day is not today. I think I ramble too much in these and do not keep it centered on what it should be – useful information for immigrants that want to get their H-1B Visa.

One thing I know for sure Tom Howard immigration is going to be the search term for this page, and I’ll have to write several word with this term sprinkled in.  So this is how we plan on marketing it.  Tom Howard immigration needs practice.  He is more about code than visas – at least for now.  Repetition is the mother of all skill and this is a new skill I do not have.  It’s actually pretty hard to get past the times we live in, back in the day you could just stay behind the scenes.  But now, Tom Howard immigration requires a youtube channel because a human face gets more attention.

That’s why he’s donating an hour of his time each week to H-1B and L-1 visa holders or hopefuls to address their questions.  If you are an H-1B visa holder and have a question, please contact us on this website, or on our facebook page, or even leave a comment on our youtube channel.  The people like you are why we are here and over time, we really look forward to building a community. So start right now, click the button above and get going on your account.

Top 5 Tips for Getting an H-1B Visa

Top 5 Tips for Getting an H-1B Visa

The top 5 Tips for getting an H-1B are simple.  It comes down to who you know and if they like you.

1. Get a STEM degree from a U.S. university

It should comes as no surprise that STEM talent receives the vast majority of H-1B visas.  According to the Office of Foreign Labor Certification’s (OFLC) Annual Report for 2015, the top three H-1B positions are: 1) Computer Systems Analyzes, 2) Software Developers, Applications, and 3) Computer Programmers.

Bottom line: if you are reading this while still in college looking for your major, STUDY COMPUTER SCIENCE. Computer science is basically 50% of all H-1B visa jobs.  So major in it!!!

2. Get your CPT while still in School

Once you majored in computer science, talk to your university’s Designated School Official (DSO) regarding your Curriculum Practical Training (CPT).  Your DSO is probably the person at the university that helped you with your F-1 Visa.  Your CPT allows you to work if certain requirements are met.  This allows you to start mining the gold that is employ-ability (after majoring in computer science).  Your network of contacts is the most important of the top 5 things to help you land the H-1B job.

3.  Maximize your OPT time

As you get toward graduation, all F-1 students can receive 12 months of Occupational Practical Training (OPT) after they complete their degree.  This OPT allows you to continue to foster your network of contacts and demonstrate your special skills directly related to your major.

But if you chose wisely and majored in computer science, you get 3 whole years of OPT time!!!!!!  There are more requirements and employers may need to consult with an attorney to properly plan for compliance with the requirements of extended OPT time, but 3 years is a LOT more time to create relationships and…..


Network, very important in the top 5.  Your network is your job.  Most people get a job because of who they know.   When an employer has a job opening, the business is thinking about the people they know that can do the job.

Be that person they know.

Get out there and hang out with jobs directly related to your field of study.

If you chose wisely and are studying computer science, send your resume to the area web development companies.  There are thousands of software shops in America, go meet the people that make them work.  Start or attend MeetUps relevant to tech.  See if your local start up incubator has student rates and get to know developers in the area.  Then compare skill sets.

5. Be like this puppy

Finally, be likable.  The puppy illustrates this point.  People love puppies.  Puppies are cute and happy to see everyone they meet.  So when you go out to network, remember the mantra “people love puppies.”  Yes, it is silly.  But people like other people that make them feel good, that like them, that are happy to see them and are positive.  If you’re in the dumps and depressed, code something, or go exercise.  But when you are feeling great to be alive, go out and network.

This is not an exhaustive list of the top 5 things to do to get your H-1B visa, but they really help.

Pick the right major.  Optimize the time you interact with possible employers.  Network in the area related to your field of study.  And channel your inner puppy when meeting people.

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Harvard Business Review on Hiring Overseas Data Scientists

Harvard Business Review on Hiring Overseas Data Scientists

High tech talent is in such high demand that the Harvard Business Review has published an article on how to hire data scientists from outside of the United States.

The H-1B visa that we concentrate on is profiled.  The article explains the lottery system, average filling fees, legal fees, and the recent scrutiny among certain applications.  Back in the day (the day being before 2010), any foreign national with at least a Bachelor’s Degree was considered sufficiently specialized to qualify for the H-1B application.

As the Harvard Business Review article pointed out, the H-1B visa is limited only to “specialty occupations.”  This means that the H-1B is the most exclusive work visa as its recipients are highly educated and skilled.  Today, the USCIS routinely allows people with bachelors in IT, engineering, accounting or the sciences to be considered “specialty occupations.”

Be warned that majors in business, marketing, public relations and the artistic fields receive far heavier scrutiny from the government when considering the “specialty occupation” status.  So if you’re still an OPT student on an F-1 Visa, do yourself a favor and pick up a second major.  Math, Computer Science, any science, or accounting, will help you in the future to be considered a “specialty occupation.”

The real shenanigans with the H-1B system does not merely have to do with the annual lottery that places the odds of getting the visa at approximately 33%, certain countries actually get quotas!  The H-1B1 visa allows 6,800 people from Singapore and Chile to get the H-1B visa.  This quota has never been reached!  The H-1B1 visa is a subset of the H-1B set, meaning that the 6,800 arise out of the whole 65,000 H-1B visa openings each year.

Of course, this math omits the 20,000 H-1Bs set aside for people with master’s degrees or greater.  So if you miss the H-1B visa, consider going back for your master’s.  In fact more than half of all computer science doctorates, and all other STEMs doctorates, earned in the United States are awarded to people from another country.  Thus, they are not only smart, but also more able to stay and work in the United States.