U.S. Economy Requires Proficient Foreign Workers

U.S. Economy Requirements Proficient Foreign Workers The current argument over immigration policy commonly illustrates immigrants as undocumented, uneducated people who flood our borders without assessment. Many immigrants who enter this country are inexperienced laborers who provide necessary services in numerous sectors of our economy, of equivalent significance to the migration argument are the extremely educated foreign professionals whose skills play a crucial role in the enrichment of our economy. The U.S. economy has moved substantially over the past 50 years. The transformation from a manufacturing to a knowledge-based economy has developed a growing demand for proficient technical employees. Our prominent graduate organizations currently train more foreign nationals than U.S. people in these fields.

To relieve labor shortages, U.S. services should have the ability to recruit and hire additional foreign-born professionals. We should maintain the educated specialists whom we have trained internally in order to take advantage of the unique abilities that they possess. By sending the best and the brightest employees back to their particular nations, we just produce competitors for ourselves, thus diminishing America’s economic influence. In order to increase the number of highly knowledgeable specialists in this country, it is needed to reform the employment-based migration system and provide an enough quantity of opportunities through which U.S. services can legally utilize specialized workers. We need to increase the number of specialized employee visas awarded.

H-1B visas, or temporary experienced employee visas, are presently capped at only 65,000 every year. This “cap” is reached in a couple of months, and U.S. companies are barred from working with foreign-born professionals for the rest of the financial year. At the exact same time, we should increase recruitment and training of U.S. trainees. H-1B visas accelerate this process; a large portion of the processing costs for the H-1B visas are directed to the education and training of U.S. trainees in science and innovation. It is necessary that knowledgeable workers are not ignored in the existing debate regarding extensive migration reform. Raising the H-1B visa cap is crucial to preserving our leadership in the world market. By maintaining foreign nationals, we may guarantee that U.S. companies have the most highly certified workers in their fields, assisting America preserve its edge in a progressively competitive worldwide economy. Deborah Notkin is president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. – NU

The U.S. economy has shifted significantly over the previous 50 years. The transformation from a production to a knowledge-based economy has actually created a growing need for knowledgeable technical employees. It is essential that experienced workers are not ignored in the current dispute regarding extensive immigration reform. By retaining foreign nationals, we might guarantee that U.S. services have the most extremely qualified employees in their fields, assisting America preserve its edge in an increasingly competitive global economy.


The ‘so called’ H1-B Consultants

The ‘so called’ H1-B Consultants

H1-B consultants claim to facilitate moving to the United States of America, which is a dream of all, dreamed mainly to have independence and freedom. Hence, a lot of people apply for immigration visas to be a part of this place of liberation. The US issues various kinds of visas for immigrants, each with a set of strict policies and limitations. Some of these are for the permanent Green Card, whereas some go for a work visa wherein a US based company hires you and sponsors your VISA application for immigration. This is known as an H1-B visa.

Given an enormous amount of people looking forward to move to the US, a lot of people have started taking advantage of this fact. Such people create scams and frauds regarding immigration offers. Mostly, this involves offering low-end jobs and attractive marketing gigs to attract people who are not well-aware of the policy changes. These perpetrators act as ‘so-called H1-B consultants’ and usually scam you in either running away with your money or landing you jobs in illegal or nonexistent companies in the US. This leaves the immigration applicant in the middle and ruins all the efforts that the person put in to move to the US.

How do the H1-B Consultants post scam material?

Mostly, these fraud H1-B Consultants post job offers via email, targeting the overall niche like IT professional. It lists down all possible skill requirements, making it more of a general post than a specifically targeted skill set. For instance, IT professionals required with web development, android development skills.

Tip: An open-ended job post is a warning sign of a probable scam. Watch out!

Another way to identify such scams is that such postings often contain contradicting statements like H1B visa will be sponsored as well as, down the bottom, mentions depending upon the company.

Tip: Contradicting statements in a job post is another warning sign of a scam.

Since the Trump Government has been in power, the immigration policies have become more restricted, especially after the bill to increase the minimum wage of H1B visa holder from $65,000 to $130,000. While the Trump Administration is pushing companies to “hire American, this has demoralized a lot of big companies regarding hiring foreign workers. This bill came along with another implication of making sure that the immigrants are skilled enough to be brought to the US. (Another immigration bill, the Raise Act, has also been announced by Trump in the US Senate).

Also, that there are no Americans who can do the particular job, stressing the importance of having an immigrant as an employee. People who are unaware of such policy changes often become a victim of these possible fraud provoking H-1B consultants or scammers and end up losing valuable money and efforts trying to move into the US.

What should you do to save yourself from these fraud H-1B Consultants?

My advice to all would be to keep a strict check on any policy changes regarding immigrants and make sure of them before applying for a job. Take care of the Tips mentioned above and conduct a complete fact check regarding the companies as well as the employers and the H1-B consultants companies in order to avoid scams and frauds that may cost you a fortune. It may be a hefty task for some, but believe me, it is worth it. Especially, when your hard earned money and your whole career is at stake!

Stay vigilant, Stay Safe! have a wonderful career in the US!

Trump has announced the Raise Act

Trump has announced the Raise Act

The Trump government has recently announced a Raise Act, an immigration bill, in the US Senate. The bill, RAISE, is an acronym which stands for Reforming American Immigration for Stronger Employment. As the name suggests, the bill strongly favors the inflow of English speaking, educated and highly qualified immigrants as opposed to the intake of lower social class immigrants with not so strong grasp on the native language. The bill actually aims to curtail the “legal” immigrations that correspond to people holding green cards, bringing in their families and relatives as the US Policy previously allowed for.

The US has always been open to opportunities for all and a place for everyone to live in the land of freedom and independence. However, the new policy aims to focus more strongly on the rights and needs of the American working class rather than letting immigrants snoop in on the jobs available.

Trump & the RAISE Act

The immigrants agreed upon low wages jobs, which most Americans refused to do, leading to companies hiring low income employees and cutting down their expenses. The immigrant policy will put these companies in peril considering the restriction on the immigrant inflow. As per the new policy, only immigrants who qualify the inquiry by legislation would be given the chance to a successful immigration policy. Note that this policy aims at immigrants that come in through relatives or families already residing in the US. Changes to the H-1B Visa program already had huge implications on the Indian IT companies. This however, does not affect the number of immigrants that come in through work visa. As per an estimate conducted, in the first year the RAISE Act will cut down about 41% of the immigrants which will grow up to 50% by the 10

As per an estimate conducted, in the first year the RAISE Act will cut down about 41% of the immigrants which will grow up to 50% by the 10th year, whereas the immigrants coming in through the work visa will remain approximately the same. The reason for so is quoted to be the fact that those who apply through for work visa, already qualify the basic requirements that have been setup through the RAISE act, which includes fluency in English, financial ability to support themselves and their families, a strong educational background and an exceptional record of achievements.

This bill, as described, is said to lay focus on the rights of the American workers more. This meant that those immigrants, who would displace a normal American worker by accepting lower wages, would no longer do so. Hence, giving the American working class a chance to strive to earn for themselves and curb the work force gap in the US.

Given the already low unemployment rate in the US, some criticize it to be not a bold move towards the welfare of US. Some also quote the real essence of the US is liberty and a place for all, therefore this bill contradicts the very essence of the United States of America, the land of freedom and choice.

The bill is expected to be voted upon the Senate soon and as per the overall opinion of critics, it is not likely to pass. The Republicans would require about 60 votes overall from the Senate whereas they only hold about 52 seats. The critics yet await the results of the bill, currently hovering with an ironic stance of welfare of Americans as well as curbing the idea of US being a land of freedom and choice for all.

In short, the Raise Act is a dramatic change to family immigration not for the Employment-Based System. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

H-1B Executive Order Issued by Trump Administration

H-1B Executive Order Issued by Trump Administration

The H-1B Executive Order that Trump had been promising for months finally arrived on April 18, 2017.  President Trump signed the H-1B Executive Order at a Snap-on Tools factory in Wisconsin.  Dubbed the “Buy American and Hire American” executive order, most of what it provides is up to debate.

The executive order really lacks specifics and places all the burden on defining what changes will come to H-1B visa policy on other branches of the executive, like Homeland Security, Department of Justice, State Department, and the Department of labor.

The executive order does not really address H-1B visa holders very much, it provides:

Sec. 5.  Ensuring the Integrity of the Immigration System in Order to “Hire American.”  (a)  In order to advance the policy outlined in section 2(b) of this order, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall, as soon as practicable, and consistent with applicable law, propose new rules and issue new guidance, to supersede or revise previous rules and guidance if appropriate, to protect the interests of United States workers in the administration of our immigration system, including through the prevention of fraud or abuse.

(b)  In order to promote the proper functioning of the H-1B visa program, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall, as soon as practicable, suggest reforms to help ensure that H-1B visas are awarded to the most-skilled or highest-paid petition beneficiaries.

The H-1B Executive Order only mentions H-1B visas three times.

The first time H-1B visas are specifically mentioned is in the definition section to link them to the defined term “petition beneficiaries.”  The next two times are from the section above.  Basically, all the executive order does is tell other executive branches of government to “suggest reforms” so that H-1B visas go to the best, brightest, and highest paid visa holders.

We at Work Visas Solutions believe the forthcoming regulations will reflect an “America First” H-1B whereby the visas are given to people educated in the United States and to the highest paid applicants.

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Trump’s Secret Agenda for H-1B Visas

Trump’s Secret Agenda for H-1B Visas

A secret agenda may be the cause of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recent suspension of Premium Processing for all H-1B applications.  We wrote before on a possible change in H-1B visa policy to reflect President Trump’s core message of America First.  The America First H-1B visa policy possibly explains the USCIS suspension of premium processing for H-1B visas.


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The USCIS claims the suspension will reduce the overall processing time.  Without premium processing it takes approximately eight months to get an H-1B visa.  If Steve Bannon played a role in the change of policy, we suspect a ulterior motive behind it.  Some people in the Trump administration have complained about the H-1Bs taking Americans’ jobs.  While this belief is only substantiated with alternative facts, a very real policy change in awarding H-1B visas occurred.  A new reality confronts the lottery for the visas subject to the cap of only a grand total of 85,000 visas for private employers.

The wait list for determining those H-1B visa holders just expanded from a couple of weeks to months and month.  That time provides the Trump administration with lots of time to pick and choose what applications to approve.  The expedited processing of an application allows for the Trump administration to hand pick who gets an H-1B first.

Secret Agenda in Expedited Processing?

One bipartisan bill, H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act of 2017, proposes to reform the program by instructing officials to grant visas on merit, rather than through a lottery.  Perhaps the next USCIS announcement ends the lottery.  Without having to pick at random the H-1B visas, and with an eight month processing time, the Trump administration can sift through all the applications and give them to whomever they think is “good” for their America First mantra.  Therefore,  expect “America First” H-1B visas to grow in size while outsourced H-1B to take up less of the share.

In its statement regarding suspension of the premium processing, USCIS stated that it will continue to accept requests for expedited processing during the suspension. Petitioners can request to expedite an H-1B petition if they meet the criteria on the Expedite Criteria webpage.  The petition must demonstrate that it meets at least one of the expedited criteria.  These include severe financial loss to company or person​; emergency situation; humanitarian reasons.  Finally, USCIS may expedite an H-1B visa application if it is in its compelling interest.  This term is not defined and subject to its own discretion.  USCIS stated that it will review all expedite requests on a case-by-case basis and that requests are at the discretion of the office leadership.


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What is an America First H-1B Visa?

What is an America First H-1B Visa?

“America First,” says President Donald Trump at the drop of a hat.  He promised America First in any respect, including his immigration policies.  Changes to the H-1B visa program have not yet been announced.  Currently, companies must vie for H-1B visas by playing a lottery.  Data released from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for 2015 indicate that more H-1B visa petitions were rejected than in previous years as the picture below illustrates.H-1B Data

What will an America First H-1B Visa Program look like?

Maybe President Trump will sign an executive order requiring that H-1B visas only be awarded to foreign nationals that earned their degree at a university in the United States.  We cannot find out how many of the H-1B visas arise from education from outside of the United States.

We know that only about eight (8) companies, like InfoSys, take up 60% of the H-1B visas.  How many of their sponsored applicants are educated overseas?  A substantial number of the visas awarded to those Indian IT firms probably arise from foreign equivalent degrees.

According to the USCIS, the H-1B visas benefit college-educated and young citizens of the world. Almost 71 percent of approved applications are for people aged 25 to 34. About 44 percent of them went to bachelor’s degree holders, 45 percent went to master’s degree holders, and 7 percent went doctorate holders. These numbers have been steady for years.

The H-1B Visa is the Computer Science Visa!!

In 2015, a majority of the H-1B visas — 66 percent — went to people specializing in a computer-related field.  Followed by architecture, then by engineering and surveying. Administrative, education and health sectors rounded out the top five H-1B occupations for the fiscal year.

Those handfuls of Indian IT firms may be bringing down the average H-1B salary because the median annual salary ranged between $75,000 and $79,000 in 2015.

India owns the H-1B Visa with 71 percent of all those awarded in 2015.  China is number two with only about 10 percent.   Canada, South Korea and the Philippines rounded out the top five, according to the USCIS data.

What will the Trump administration do with the H-1B Visa program?  We think it will reflect his “America First” rhetoric.  With that, we would not be surprised if the H-1B visas become restricted to people who earned their degree inside the United States.

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