The Department Homeland Security has decided to record social media accounts of all immigrants. People with permanent citizenships and neutralized citizens do not hold any exception either. The department’s immigrants’ file will now have a section for all social media handles and aliases for the individuals. According to the department, these handles will help them with identifiable information and search results.

The rule will come in action from 18th October, 2017. According to reports, US citizens who interact with immigrants will also have their social media accounts monitored by DHS. All the conversations on accounts of social media accounts of immigrants will be considered as a subject of government surveillance.

Social media information will also help the department in screening the applications. “Although the pilots include some objectives, such as determining the effectiveness of an automated search tool and assessing data collection and dissemination procedures, it is not clear DHS is measuring and evaluating the pilots’ results to determine how well they are performing against set criteria.”

So anyone applying for immigration in the USA will now have to take extra care of their social media accounts and the content they post there. In May, the department posted a new question to visa applicants of last five years to submit their social media handles in order to collect their records as well. The question also asked for biographical information dating back to past 15 years. However, in case of no social media accounts mentioned in the form, the department might investigate for any hidden or fake social media profiles of the individual. According to the department, the rule will help them with the following:

  1. Having more identity information.
  2. Understanding point of view of the person.
  3. Understand the political and other affiliations of the person.
  4. Monitor the circle of the person.

People come to the US to work and not to get stalk 24/7. Will it not affect the process of converting H1-B visa to Green card? How far you welcome this decision? Is it fair with the immigration applicants? Share your views with us in the comment box below: