Driving drunk is stupid.  Order an Uber.  Leave your car where it is and order an Uber to pick it up tomorrow.  Call a friend, anything besides drive drunk.  And if the obvious was not enough.

Getting caught driving drunk can get your visa revoked!

Seriously, the regulation is really clear:

9 FAM 403.11-3(B)  (U) When Consular Officers May Not Revoke Visa

(CT:VISA-10;   12-08-2015)

a. (U) A consular officer does not have the authority to revoke a visa based on a suspected ineligibility, or based on derogatory information that is insufficient to support an ineligibility finding, other than a revocation based on driving under the influence (DUI).  A consular revocation must be based on an actual finding that the alien is ineligible for the visa.

If you’re caught driving drunk, a/k/a DUI, a consular officer can revoke your visa.  This article is so short that our SEO program tells us to write more copy.  But how clear do we need to make it.  You’re in America.  This is America, the America.  People love 2 places in their lives, where they are from & America.  So why would you get a job in America and risk it to go out and get drunk?

Especially in 2017!  You have never had more options to get your drunk ass back home safely and legally. You press a couple buttons on your phone and a car magically appears!  That car is not just driving you home, but it is making sure that your visa does not get revoked!  Isn’t that worth the $20.00??

If you do not think so, it is.  A DUI can cost upwards of $10,000.  A $100.00 spent on Uber is cheap, cheap, cheap!  Especially since it protects you against criminal liability and your visa being revoked.

No one wants to explain to their family they had to return to the home country because they were driving drunk.  So do not do it.  Don’t even bring your car keys out when you’re drinking.  Make getting home an adventure!  One that is solved by several apps that are quite good at driving drunk people home safe.


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