H-1B pay varies greatly.  At Work Visas, we’ve written about what the changes we think the Trump Administration may bring to the H-1B Visa program.  So far, all of his executive action deals with predominantly Islamic nations.  He may turn away from such actions in favor of more popular support.  Saving American jobs from H-1B visa holders.

Every one STEM H-1B Visa holders create 2.6 other jobs for Americans.  Trump may play up the misconceptions regarding H-1B job replacement. Mostly, only a handful of IT consulting firms that hire predominantly Indian nationals.

The top eight H-1B employers, as a group, scooped up a total of 49,539 H-1B visas out of the 85,000 available. That’s 58% of the total number of visas available in 2015, according to data the USCIS provided under the Freedom of Information Act.

Say what?  Yup.  Once again.  8 companies are responsible for more than HALF of the H-1B visas subject to the cap.  A random lottery system, like the ones used to select the H-1Bs subject to the cap, requires he same percentage.  Therefore, out of the 236,000 applications that USCIS received in 2016, 137,544 were from just 8 companies.

H-1B Pay is much lower at Indian Outsourcing Companies

Amazon’s average H-1B salary is $113,000.  Wipro, Tata, or Infosys pays only $70,000 a year.  As a result legislation has been introduced to bump the H-1B pay to a minimum of $100,000 for these companies.

One benefit of $100,000 in salary at these companies is that all the other businesses have a better chance of getting their legitimate H-1B employee.

If the Indian IT outsourcing firms tried to hire fewer workers because of the increase in pay, their percentage of the applications will fall.  We support legislation targeted at the companies that are gaming the system to grow their businesses  Almost 60% of the visas should not go to only 8 companies.  If the IT talent in the Indian outsourcing firms was distributed,more businesses would benefit by employing such talent directly.