H-1B Tips to help you extend your American Dream beyond the F-1 phase where you’re getting your “specialty occupation.” We made a short video and this post to help coach young F-1 students into totally amazing H-1B visa holders, or even Green Card holders.  It’s what we do at Work Visas Solutions, we keep America # 1 in technological innovation & entrepreneurship by helping her secret sauce (well educated immigrants) infuse their magic of risk taking and optimism into the economy.

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Let’s go over the H-1B Tips:

  1. Know you can do it
  2. Get the right skills (STEM bachelors degree)
  3. Business minded
  4. get your masters in America
  5. sell yourself

Leaving your home country to follow your dream and make a life in America is not easy at all.  But it is very admirable. Millions of other people just like you came to the United States and built their own lives.  It gives America that sense of endless possibilities and better tomorrows.  As America has matured over the decades, its legal immigration system has become a mine field with hidden traps and what seems like rules that contradict other rules.  While the odds may not be in their favor, every year a new crop of supremely talented citizens of the world roll the dice to get the chance to make their own American Dream.  We’re honored to be able to give them these 5 h-1b tips.

That’s why Tom donates an hour of his time each week – to help America’s secret sauce stay and work in America. If you are an H-1B visa holder and have a question, please contact us on this website, or on our facebook page, or even leave a comment on our youtube channel.  The people like you are why we are here and over time, we really look forward to building a community. So start right now, click the button below and open your account today.

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