Form 221(g) – What to expect.


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Each week, I donate an hour of my time to answer a few questions from one of the world’s best that have chosen to call America home and get to work. So thanks for Sreerath for asking a question about getting hit with a form 221, which is strange because he said he is on his 5th year of his H-1B and the letters are typically done for rejections of visa applications.

Here’s something real nice about the subject right here, folks.

Further Trump may be hating on lots of people waiting the gap between H-1B and green card, which can be a great many years at times.  Some are reporting plans for mass deportation in the hundreds of thousands, if Quartz media is a reputable source: Story here.

Form 221(g) Letter – bad stuff:

  • scares you because it says stuff is going to get revoked
  • you have issues at home that need to be taken care of
  • things had been going so well
  • have to wait for response and sit in uncertainty
  • makes you feel inferior and subject to a silly system

Form 221(g) letter – good stuff:

  • data from 2009 say 85% chance that “everything is okay”
  • again 85% chance it’s totes 200, my  HTTP brothers
  • Trump hates other immigrants more (wow – depressing upside, for more on this review German concept of schadenfreude).
  • Hey, you had a good run.  High-five, bro!
  • Ain’t nothing gonna stop you because you’re a hustler and got a dream.

Well, there you go.  Hopefully, most of that did not make you feel very good that there are clear answers.  You see despite the vast amounts of forms and code – by the way ours is the best code in the corporate immigration coding marketplace – your corporate immigration status has lots of politics that gums up the system, which is why it may actually prove to be NP-hard.  If you understand that, well, maybe you need an account on