US has long been a magnet for people searching for jobs, both nationally and internationally. And, H1B Visa is a highly desired non-immigrant visa which permits foreign workers in specialty occupations to work in the country. After majoring in STEM at University, you're an ideal H-1B candidate. Here are the significant steps in the process

Successfully Complete your Qualification

  • In order to qualify for an H1B visa, you must earn a bachelor's or higher degree (or an equivalent degree) preferably in the STEM field or in any specific specialty for which you seek employment.
  • An H-1B visa allows you to stay and work in the U.S. legally for up to three years, after which, the visa can be renewed for up to six total years.

Search For a suitable Job

  • Before submitting an H-1B visa petition, you need to obtain a job offer from an H-1B sponsoring company or employer.
  • Get started by updating your CV, profile and apply for jobs matching your qualifications.
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Find an employer to sponsor your H-1B application

  • Once you receive an employment/job offer, your employer can sponsor your H-1B visa.
  • You will need to submit supporting or relevant documents to your employer like degree certificates, documents for job experience and other required forms.
  • It can be quite a long process – so make sure you leave yourself with plenty of time to sort it all out. And in case, you get a job offer from more than one company, to maximise your chances you can ask more than one employer to sponsor your visa application.

Employer assembles and files your visa petition with USCIS

  • To complete the H1B application process, your employer must file a Labor Condition Application & an I-129 petition with USCIS.
  • After it’s approved, the employer will prepare and file your petition with USCIS on your behalf, by the stated deadline.

Get your visa reviewed by visa expert software

  • If your application is missing vital information or documents, the software will just send it back to you — causing you more time, money and hassle!
  • So get your visa reviewed by Work Visas software to avoid mistakes and the possibility of losing your application fee.
  • Your visa will be issued in the fastest time possible, and you will also have someone to assist you each step of the way including checking your application and supporting documents to make sure everything is correct before you apply.

Stay calm and wait for your visa

  • USCIS usually requires 2-4 months to adjudicate the H-1B petition and issue an H-1B approval. You can check the status of your H-1B visa petition by entering your receipt number.
  • Meawhile, all you need to do is wait patiently for your visa, and win the lottery if you’re subject to the cap.
  • Your H-1B sponsor/employer would work with companies like UPS, FedEx, or USPS to deliver your H-1B visa promptly.