How to hire an immigration lawyer?

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Each day, I answer one free question regarding business litigation issues.

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Each day, I answer one free question regarding business litigation issues.

Ask yours today.

How to hire an immigration lawyer –  Tom Howard, a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association – explain what to look for in your attorney.

Thomas Howard was on the ball and got things done. Easy to work with, communicates very well, and I would recommend him anytime.

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Thomas was great at understanding my case and he has deep knowledge of immigration laws. He was very prompt at responding to emails and calls. He went above and beyond to make sure I get the best solution possible. I would highly recommend him as an immigration attorney.

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Q: How to Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

A. You ask very simple questions as outlined below – start with if they are a member of AILA.

Immigration attorney, Tom Howard explains what you should do when hiring an immigration attorney including these top five things to consider when hiring for your next immigration issue.

Consider the following points:

  1.  AILA the American Immigration Lawyers Association 
  2. Access to other members
  3. Access to the best resources
  4. Responsive & attentive
  5. They actually care

American Immigration Lawyers Association

AILA is a collective of attorneys that practice immigration law. It has over 15,000 members and they share access to many things that are important to you search for the person you hire as your immigration lawyer.

ALIA provides its members with access to many seminars and events to educate its member on trends and compliance with existing immigration regulations and procedures.

Attorney Tom Howard, you maintains this website for his own immigration law practice is a member and enjoys all the opportunity for learning provided by AILA.  As your potential attorney what he or she is doing to stay on top of the law.

Access to other AILA Members

Immigration law is not very different than other areas of the law – attorneys often niche into a practice area. 

Immigration law has many different practice areas.  Thomas Howard with WorkVisa.Solutions focuses on the business applications that people need to work lawfully in the United States.

But there are so many other areas of immigration law.  When you call WorkVisas.Solutions – we listen to your specific issues and then can take it to the crowd of other AILA members to find you the best lawyer to handle your specific issue.

Access to the Best Resources

How will your attorney know what to do with your case?  What resources do they have about all the specifics of immigration law to help you on your issue?

AILA has its own publications and online content to help educate your next lawyer on exactly what needs to be done. Other libraries online also offer the same guidance so that your next attorney knows how to help you achieve your immigration law goals. 

Is the Lawyer Responsive & Attentive

This is a judgment call that many lawyers easily pass.  Often, lawyers are very neurotic and detail oriented with deadline reminders and organization upon organization.  They often follow up. 

Some lawyers are nice, but kind of scatterbrained – With immigration issues – you should pick the responsive and attentive lawyer because there are so many hoops and hurdles and deadlines to juggle with the immigration system.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not mess around – especially under Trump – when doing the correct procedure and details in the applications. So you should make sure your next immigration attorney has a keen attention to detail.

Does the Immigration Lawyer Actually Care?

I remember exactly why I wanted to get into immigration law – it made me actually feel good to help people that were happy with the results.

My litigation practice – and being a lawyer in general – does not often get met with always being happy with the result.

Lawyers need thick skin and it can burn you out with all the conflict if you let it.

But immigration clients love getting into America.  It’s the closest you get to the American Dream and helping to build it. Unlike many lawyers, I build technology. Most of my developers are from overseas.

You can really see the talent and the competitive advantage that sites like WorkVisas.Solutions tries to bring. 

If we can help you out in your quest to find the right immigration lawyer – call us today at (309) 699-4691

How to Hire Immigration Attorney Links

Welcome to the links we researched in making this resource for you.  Below is a summary of the relevant links on the issue and a thumbnail sketch of their contents:

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Find out all about the American Immigration Lawyers Association from their own website – boasting over 15,000 members, AILA exists to help immigration lawyers do their job even better.

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A leading immigration law firm also provides it detailed take on what it believes you should do when determining who to hire for your immigration matter. It also includes the old adage from Abe Lincoln “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”  Don’t be a fool!  Check out their detailed page on this issue.


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