Airbnb & H-1B Visa Holders – can they rent too?

H-1b and Airbnb – how does that work?


If you have an H-1B, you’re only supposed to work for one employer.  Well what exactly does that mean?   Well, first let me tell you who I am.  Hey, you may not know me. My name is Tom and I want you to do well.  Hopefully, you’re a swell F-1 student or another very well educated person that wonders how to be an American.  Maybe you’re a freaking sweet international business owner that wants to expand into America with the L-1 visa solutions that keeps the best of the world employed right here in the US of A.

Can an H-1 B visa holder also rent on Airbnb?  Of course, you can do anything.  The catch is sometimes you get caught because you’re not allowed to do what you wanted to do. Sorry those are the rules.  The rules exist for a reason.  They used to not be there and some one got hurt. Can you believe that?  People used to get hurt without rules.  Fortunately, now that we have all the rules people no longer suffer injury.

So the more precise question is can an H-1V visa holder lawfully rent a room on Airbnb.  Sorry!  Excuse me for being a lawyer that pays attention to words.  Can you believe that I’ve kept you waiting this long.  And why?  Why you may ask?  Because search algorithms require a certain amount of text peppered with specific key words, so H-1B airbnb.  Let’s set that off in a different header style to call it out in the HTML, because laser beams.

h-1b airbnb

Hey you know what you should do to rent on airbnb?  Get one of them H-1b jobby jobs because they is the crazy skills shit that keep America number 1 in the future!  How does you do that?  You came to the right place.  Log in right now and start getting your on.  Welcome to America, y’all!