India Travel Visa

Getting an India Travel Visa

You can’t take a trip abroad without a visa. However exactly what is a visa anyway? Well, if you have plans of traveling to India, you should get an India travel visa.

Visa is a stamp, an official stamp, from the high commission or embassy in your traveling document or passport. It licenses you and other travelers to go to India (or other country) for a particular duration and function. Take note of the word ‘official’. You see, there are a great deal of fraudsters out there who have the ability to head out of the country and enter into another without having a main visa.

What can happen if you do not have a main India visa? Your entry to India might be rejected by the authorities. You can be repatriated if in case you’re able to enter the India and later on your entry was found.

How can you get an India travel visa? After doing so, you can be released an India travel visa. Think about the following ideas when applying for an India travel visa or any other visa.

For the passport, first time tourists have ‘virgin passports’. To the visa officer, this might mean that this is your very first time to travel abroad or your previous visa applications to other countries were rejected. Your passport might likewise have more than one visa. This can suggest that other countries have confidence in you, that is why they offered you a visa.

If this is your first time to look for a visa, you have to determine first if India has a high rejection rate for visas. India is not that rigorous in the visa applications so even if you’re a newbie India visa applicant, you have a high chance to obtain an authorized visa.

You can acquire India visa quickly through the help of travel bureau. They will happily help you while you make an application for a visa. Here are a few of the concerns that you have to answer personally prior to you go to the embassy–.

1. Do you have a convincing invitation letter?

2. Have you pre-arranged a location or made hotel bookings abroad?

3. Do you have a bank statement? How excellent is your monetary status?

4. Were you rejected a visa application prior to?

5. Were you formerly founded guilty of any criminal offense?

6. Do you have a travel sponsor? If yes, who?

7. What are your purposes in taking a trip to India?

These concerns are of utmost significance. Your answers must be primarily positive so that you can be sure that your visa application will be accepted. If you’re unsure about your answers, you can ask assistance from relatives, buddies, and colleagues who previously protected an India travel visa.

Getting an India travel visa is not that difficult especially if you know your method around the embassy. Because you can find a lot of handy information on the internet, find out more about visa application online. Prepare yourself. You cannot pay for to be rejected a visa application due to the fact that you can not reach India without it and not only that, your passport will be impacted as well and all your other visa applications in the future.

Well, if you have plans of taking a trip to India, you must get an India travel visa.

Consider the following suggestions when applying for an India travel visa or any other visa.

To the visa officer, this may imply that this is your first time to take a trip abroad or your previous visa applications to other countries were denied. Getting an India travel visa is not that difficult particularly if you understand your way around the embassy. You cannot manage to be rejected a visa application since you can not reach India without it and not only that, your passport will be impacted as well and all your other visa applications in the future.

India Travel Visa –

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H-1Bs travelling abroad after extension getting hit with Form 221(g)

Form 221(g) – What to expect.


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Each week, I donate an hour of my time to answer a few questions from one of the world’s best that have chosen to call America home and get to work. So thanks for Sreerath for asking a question about getting hit with a form 221, which is strange because he said he is on his 5th year of his H-1B and the letters are typically done for rejections of visa applications.

Here’s something real nice about the subject right here, folks.

Further Trump may be hating on lots of people waiting the gap between H-1B and green card, which can be a great many years at times.  Some are reporting plans for mass deportation in the hundreds of thousands, if Quartz media is a reputable source: Story here.

Form 221(g) Letter – bad stuff:

  • scares you because it says stuff is going to get revoked
  • you have issues at home that need to be taken care of
  • things had been going so well
  • have to wait for response and sit in uncertainty
  • makes you feel inferior and subject to a silly system

Form 221(g) letter – good stuff:

  • data from 2009 say 85% chance that “everything is okay”
  • again 85% chance it’s totes 200, my  HTTP brothers
  • Trump hates other immigrants more (wow – depressing upside, for more on this review German concept of schadenfreude).
  • Hey, you had a good run.  High-five, bro!
  • Ain’t nothing gonna stop you because you’re a hustler and got a dream.

Well, there you go.  Hopefully, most of that did not make you feel very good that there are clear answers.  You see despite the vast amounts of forms and code – by the way ours is the best code in the corporate immigration coding marketplace – your corporate immigration status has lots of politics that gums up the system, which is why it may actually prove to be NP-hard.  If you understand that, well, maybe you need an account on