India Travel Visa

Getting an India Travel Visa

You can’t take a trip abroad without a visa. However exactly what is a visa anyway? Well, if you have plans of traveling to India, you should get an India travel visa.

Visa is a stamp, an official stamp, from the high commission or embassy in your traveling document or passport. It licenses you and other travelers to go to India (or other country) for a particular duration and function. Take note of the word ‘official’. You see, there are a great deal of fraudsters out there who have the ability to head out of the country and enter into another without having a main visa.

What can happen if you do not have a main India visa? Your entry to India might be rejected by the authorities. You can be repatriated if in case you’re able to enter the India and later on your entry was found.

How can you get an India travel visa? After doing so, you can be released an India travel visa. Think about the following ideas when applying for an India travel visa or any other visa.

For the passport, first time tourists have ‘virgin passports’. To the visa officer, this might mean that this is your very first time to travel abroad or your previous visa applications to other countries were rejected. Your passport might likewise have more than one visa. This can suggest that other countries have confidence in you, that is why they offered you a visa.

If this is your first time to look for a visa, you have to determine first if India has a high rejection rate for visas. India is not that rigorous in the visa applications so even if you’re a newbie India visa applicant, you have a high chance to obtain an authorized visa.

You can acquire India visa quickly through the help of travel bureau. They will happily help you while you make an application for a visa. Here are a few of the concerns that you have to answer personally prior to you go to the embassy–.

1. Do you have a convincing invitation letter?

2. Have you pre-arranged a location or made hotel bookings abroad?

3. Do you have a bank statement? How excellent is your monetary status?

4. Were you rejected a visa application prior to?

5. Were you formerly founded guilty of any criminal offense?

6. Do you have a travel sponsor? If yes, who?

7. What are your purposes in taking a trip to India?

These concerns are of utmost significance. Your answers must be primarily positive so that you can be sure that your visa application will be accepted. If you’re unsure about your answers, you can ask assistance from relatives, buddies, and colleagues who previously protected an India travel visa.

Getting an India travel visa is not that difficult especially if you know your method around the embassy. Because you can find a lot of handy information on the internet, find out more about visa application online. Prepare yourself. You cannot pay for to be rejected a visa application due to the fact that you can not reach India without it and not only that, your passport will be impacted as well and all your other visa applications in the future.

Well, if you have plans of taking a trip to India, you must get an India travel visa.

Consider the following suggestions when applying for an India travel visa or any other visa.

To the visa officer, this may imply that this is your first time to take a trip abroad or your previous visa applications to other countries were denied. Getting an India travel visa is not that difficult particularly if you understand your way around the embassy. You cannot manage to be rejected a visa application since you can not reach India without it and not only that, your passport will be impacted as well and all your other visa applications in the future.

India Travel Visa –

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L-1 Visas Help International Companies Expand in United States.

L-1 visas give international businesses that qualify exclusive access to the United States.

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Here’s the takeaway of the pros and cons of the L-1 Visa for you to determine if it is right for your company to expand into the United States.

L-1 Pros:
Allows international companies to start American Subsidiary
Has dual intent for applying for green card
Can last five years.
Able to bring family members.
Easier to network and market with prospects and clients in America.

L-1 Cons:
Need to actually prove ability to pay
Need to prove management of other employees
More complicated application process
Increase in Requests for Evidence (RFE) from Trump Administration
Need to actually have a physical office for the subsidiary
Businesses can fail if not operated correctly.

I personally think L-1 visas allow successful international businesses, many of which already are selling their services in the US, and whose management often comes to visit with clients on a B-1 visa, the opportunity to really take root of their business in the United States. It will be easier to grow a business’ reach in the United States by actually having a physical office and one of their executives living and working in America.

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India tells USA that H-1B visa holders boost their economy

H-1B visa allows the employers in the United States to employ foreign workers from all around the world in specialized occupations such as financing, IT, architecture, engineering, accounts, science, mathematics etc. the petition of this visa has to be requested by the employer himself and the employer needs follow some guidelines as per the treatment of foreign workers.

These foreign workers employed via the H-1B visa contribute highly to the enhancement of the US economy. It is a way through which a whole bunch of skilled workers is accumulated in the United States.

Arun Jaitley, the current Finance Minister of India, was recently in America to attend the IMF and World Bank annual meeting. On 15th October, Sunday, the Finance Minister of India put forward his views regarding the H-1B visa holders in an interview with ANI. He notified that he had persuaded the people of United States of America to understand the importance of H-1B visa holders. He said that these H-1B visa holders are an asset to the US economy and he also emphasized on the fact that the H-1B visa holders from India must not be referred to as illegal economic immigrants.

Arun Jaitley was concerned about the treatment of Indians who are in the United States of America via the H-1B visa. He stated that these people contribute a major fraction in the American and must be treated accordingly. The view that these talented professionals are merely illegal migrants must be discarded as these individuals are high-value professionals.

Many IT professionals are hired by the employers from the United States of America. In the month of September, the processing had begun on a fast pace but the number of applications filed had increased so much that the processing was suspended temporarily.

His prime focus during the interview was the position of the India H-1B visa holders. He kept on emphasizing that the way these professionals are treated must be reconsidered and their hard work must be appreciated. They are highly professional workers and they must receive the respect they deserve and must not be labeled as the illegal economic migrants. Their work is contributing in shaping the future of the United States of America and soon Americans will realize how important they are to the economy of their country.

According to Jaitley, the relationship between India and the United State of America is maturing on many levels. Moreover, he also informed that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, had an exceptional experience on his visit to the United States. This maturing relationship between the two countries is something that will cause this relationship to be consolidated further.

During the same interview, Jaitley was questioned about Donald Trump’s statement in which he emphasized that the relationship between Pakistan and the United States of America is improving. To which he refused to comment on and referred to it as an internal matter of both the countries.

The Checklist For An H1-B Visa

The Checklist For An H1-B Visa

H1-B is a working visa for individuals applying to work in the US. It is valid up to 6 years. Wonder what all documents you need to prepare beforehand in order to get an H1-B visa? Well, whether you are already in the US or are planning to head out to it, we are here with the most exclusive checklist for an H1-B VISA. If you are a student on F-1 Visa, the process of transition from F-1 Visas to H-1B Visas is right here! But for now, let us have a look at the Checklist for an H1-B VISA:

Checklist for an H1-B VISA

Obligatory Documents:

  • Your current passport as well as any old passport you may have
  • Your most recent photograph x 1
  • Confirmation page of Form DS-160 with CEAC bar code that you submitted online.
  • VISA Fees (To be paid in advanced)
  • Original Appointment letter plus one photocopy
  • I – 129 Petition Receipt #, printed on the approved Form I-129 petition along with a copy of the approval of your I-797 Form.

Supporting Documents:

The supporting documents that will be required along with the mandatory documents are:

  • Original Form I-129 plus one copy
  • A letter from your employer which lists down your reason for hire and your anticipated duties.
  • Letters of work experience from your previous employers which state your work history, the degree of experience and skill set.
  • Original Degree certificates along with any mark sheet and/or transcript
  • Related diplomas and certifications you have done.
  • Photocopies of first, last and remarks page of your most recent passport
  • All previous passports even if they have not been used for travel
  • Any evidence of extension of legal status in the US
  • Payroll stubs from your current or last place of employment and any income tax returns

For Returning Employees:

If you have previously worked in the US, then you will be required to submit the following documents as a part of the checklist For An H1-B Visa:

  • Your IRS Form 1040 and W-2 Forms for all duration of employment in the US
  • Your pay slips as well as monthly bank statements of the last 12 months
  • A letter from petitioner, if applicable, stating reason for failure to pay approved wages in the specific duration
  • Your resume
  • The names, post and contact numbers of personnel managers at your current and previous places of employment

For First Time Applicants:

If you are a first-time applicant, then the following documents are also required:

  • Names and contact information of the personnel managers at your current and previous places of employment
  • Photographs of the inside as well as outside of the places of employment
  • Names and contact numbers of at least 2 co-workers from your current as well as past places of employment
  • A complete resume and cover letter describing the job description of the current place of employment
  • Personal bank records for the past 6 months
  • The photographs of the inside and outside of the company you are applying for in the US, as well as prospectus, brochures, and annual reports included
  • Your resume and CV.

The presence of all of these documents, photographs, and copies are necessary if you want to have a smooth process of application for H1B Visa. Following this Chceklist for an H1-B Visa, prepare your U.S. Immigration Application Today!

Good luck!


H1B VISA to Green Card Process

H1B VISA to Green Card Process

Getting a VISA to the US is nearly everyone’s dream at one point to become a part of the nation of freedom and independence. Though there are different categories of getting a permanent residency at the US, usually work permits in the US are graded as H1B. In case you want to change your job while still being on a H-1B visa, there is a provision for that as well.  Those who own H1B VISA are able to live and work in the US for 6 years, after which they may either go back to their native country or re-apply for VISA as a permanent resident.

Following are the steps that need to be taken in order to turn H1B VISA into a Green card. Bear in mind that only a sponsor employer can help you change your work permit from H1B to a permanent residency, so before you take any step, ensure your employer is willing to assist you.

Step 1: Labor Certification by PERM

The first step is Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) which is a necessity in obtaining a work based Green Card (categories include EB2 and EB3). When Department of Labor or DOL approves the PERM request, the next step involves filing a green card petition which is done by the sponsoring employer.

Following are a part of the PERM Labor Verification:

Prevailing Wage Determination:

The PWD requires providing details of the employee regarding his job description, requirements and location. The DOL then issues a PWD which the employer will have to use as the base salary requirement in the PERM phase and after.

Recruitment Process:

In this phase, the employer has to go through a recruitment phase where they publish an advertisement, usually of the same job, to see whether an already existing American worker is able to do the same job or not. The process involves posting the job in two Sunday newspaper job section, one posting in the State’s workforce agency and any three other advertisements.

ETA Form 9089:

Once the PWD and the recruitment phases are completed, the employer will have to file an ETA Form 9089 to DOL, which is Application for Employment. This can be done either through the mail or electronically.

Step 2: Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker

When the ETA Form 9089 gets approved, the sponsoring employer must file the Form I-140. Here is the “Ability to Pay” requirement for PERM and I-140 petitions. This sets the ground for the fact that the employee is eligible for an immigrant visa and the employer has enough resources to pay wages which are inscribed in the PERM stage. This form can be filed simultaneously to the I-485 Form which is for Adjustment of Status (known as concurrent filing).

Step 3: Adjustment of Status

This is the final stage for applying for permanent residency. Also known as the Adjustment of Status, it is done by filing the I-485 Form. Once the form gets approved, the employee will initially get a stamp on his passport and will later be handed the physical green card. If the employee wishes, he or she can also file for the EAD or the Employment Authorization Document and the Advance Parole.

Congratulations you have successfully gone from an H1B VISA to a Green card!