Tom Howard Immigration – google it.  This page should come up as  #1.  I mean, it’s flipping everywhere.  It’s the title of the page, the first few lines of the page and everything, but if you landed on this page because you googled that term – Welcome. We built Work Visas Solutions just for you.  Work Visas solutions takes an overly complex, time consuming process, getting your H-1B or L-1 Visas, and turns it into the most straight forward process it can be.  Then it manages all the visa data so that you can always stay in Status.  Totally designed to keep America #1 in global competitiveness and entrepreneurship.

Tom Howard Immigration


See, in the video, I told people to google tom howard immigration. And I am not all that sure what it will return. One day, it will be just fine. That day is not today. I think I ramble too much in these and do not keep it centered on what it should be – useful information for immigrants that want to get their H-1B Visa.

One thing I know for sure Tom Howard immigration is going to be the search term for this page, and I’ll have to write several word with this term sprinkled in.  So this is how we plan on marketing it.  Tom Howard immigration needs practice.  He is more about code than visas – at least for now.  Repetition is the mother of all skill and this is a new skill I do not have.  It’s actually pretty hard to get past the times we live in, back in the day you could just stay behind the scenes.  But now, Tom Howard immigration requires a youtube channel because a human face gets more attention.

That’s why he’s donating an hour of his time each week to H-1B and L-1 visa holders or hopefuls to address their questions.  If you are an H-1B visa holder and have a question, please contact us on this website, or on our facebook page, or even leave a comment on our youtube channel.  The people like you are why we are here and over time, we really look forward to building a community. So start right now, click the button above and get going on your account.