The Trump government has recently announced a Raise Act, an immigration bill, in the US Senate. The bill, RAISE, is an acronym which stands for Reforming American Immigration for Stronger Employment. As the name suggests, the bill strongly favors the inflow of English speaking, educated and highly qualified immigrants as opposed to the intake of lower social class immigrants with not so strong grasp on the native language. The bill actually aims to curtail the “legal” immigrations that correspond to people holding green cards, bringing in their families and relatives as the US Policy previously allowed for.

The US has always been open to opportunities for all and a place for everyone to live in the land of freedom and independence. However, the new policy aims to focus more strongly on the rights and needs of the American working class rather than letting immigrants snoop in on the jobs available.

Trump & the RAISE Act

The immigrants agreed upon low wages jobs, which most Americans refused to do, leading to companies hiring low income employees and cutting down their expenses. The immigrant policy will put these companies in peril considering the restriction on the immigrant inflow. As per the new policy, only immigrants who qualify the inquiry by legislation would be given the chance to a successful immigration policy. Note that this policy aims at immigrants that come in through relatives or families already residing in the US. Changes to the H-1B Visa program already had huge implications on the Indian IT companies. This however, does not affect the number of immigrants that come in through work visa. As per an estimate conducted, in the first year the RAISE Act will cut down about 41% of the immigrants which will grow up to 50% by the 10

As per an estimate conducted, in the first year the RAISE Act will cut down about 41% of the immigrants which will grow up to 50% by the 10th year, whereas the immigrants coming in through the work visa will remain approximately the same. The reason for so is quoted to be the fact that those who apply through for work visa, already qualify the basic requirements that have been setup through the RAISE act, which includes fluency in English, financial ability to support themselves and their families, a strong educational background and an exceptional record of achievements.

This bill, as described, is said to lay focus on the rights of the American workers more. This meant that those immigrants, who would displace a normal American worker by accepting lower wages, would no longer do so. Hence, giving the American working class a chance to strive to earn for themselves and curb the work force gap in the US.

Given the already low unemployment rate in the US, some criticize it to be not a bold move towards the welfare of US. Some also quote the real essence of the US is liberty and a place for all, therefore this bill contradicts the very essence of the United States of America, the land of freedom and choice.

The bill is expected to be voted upon the Senate soon and as per the overall opinion of critics, it is not likely to pass. The Republicans would require about 60 votes overall from the Senate whereas they only hold about 52 seats. The critics yet await the results of the bill, currently hovering with an ironic stance of welfare of Americans as well as curbing the idea of US being a land of freedom and choice for all.

In short, the Raise Act is a dramatic change to family immigration not for the Employment-Based System. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!