The Trump Era in the United States of America has not been a full of luck era for applicants of H1-B Visas. H1-B Visas not only helped the foreign workers to work freely in the states but it also helped the employers of the US companies to hire highly skilled personnel from every corner of the world. Most of the people in the US believe that the foreign workers are killing the employment opportunities for the Native Americans. Whereas, many believe that through these highly skilled foreign workers, the economy of the country is positively affected.

H1-B Visas help organizations in growth

The H1-B Visas allow hospitals and companies to hire foreigners who are best suited for the job for which the skilled Americans are not available. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Google, Facebook, and Oracle are the major hires of foreign workers in the United States.

The visa applications are facing more and more challenges for H-1B every day making it extremely difficult for the foreign workers to get employment and it has become way more difficult for the employers of the United States to hire such workers.

Trump administration and H1-B Visas

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services-USCIS showed data which made it evident that the Trump government is issuing way more challenges in issuing the H1-B Visas as compared to the Obama era.

In the time period between the months January and August, 85,000 Request for Evidence -RFEs have been issued to the applicants of H-1B visas. In the same time period in the Obama era, the RFEs issued were 45% less than the Trump era. Other hurdles created for H-1B applications includes challenging the basis of H-1B petitions by saying that there is less evidence that the employer needs a foreign worker. Adding to this, the entry-level jobs are being targeted by the Trump administration. It is looked upon as a stealth campaign against the issuance of H-1B visas. A New York-based immigration attorney, Cyrus Mehta stated that one way to design a policy synchronized with the trump administration is to impose more and scrutiny on the H-1B visa cases.

The trump administration is doing it all to delay the processing of H-1B visa applications by creating more and more hurdles in the processing. Even the process of renewing the popular foreign H1-B visa is toughened.

Well, 59% of the applications of the H-1B visas have been processed and nothing can be said as to how many more applications will be processed by the end of this year. In the fiscal year of Obama’s era, 89% of the H-1B visa applications were processed and issued.

It is not clear whether there will be a major impact on the number of H-1B visas issued by the end of the year but it is evident that objection is being issued over a huge number of H-1B visa applications which is forcing many companies to go for outsourcing as the required personnel is not available in the United States and if the companies cannot bring in the foreign talent in the states the only way is to outsource and hire the required skilled workers.