In development, you have to stop sometimes and start over. We’ve done that two times now at Work Visas Solutions. We started with a fairly straight forward theme and coded on from there, then pivoted to a job board theme. Boy was that a mistake. It was not really a mistake.  The pivot toward a job matching theme solves a lot of problems for the software application.

At work visas solutions we are the go to place for corporate immigration management.  We help corporations get H-1B visa talent and maximize their odds of so doing.  Meanwhile,we do the same for the H-1B visa applicant.  We also work on L-1 cases and have an eye to the rumored Entrepreneurial visas that should be coming down the pipe by the fall.  So using a job board theme really allows us to do all this.  The problem was selecting the wrong one.

The WPJobus theme is legacy code.  The code designers released a new theme to replace it.  WPJobus looks terrible on mobile.  It’s header is huge, it’s boarders and text too small to read easily.  Then, it’s also really slow.  Just crap.  The functionality is there for what we are trying to do, but he execution is crap.  That’s why we are switching to Jobify, because it is responsive and faster.

This means that development will take longer, but ultimately move faster.  The code is nice, it’s clean and fast.  So the functionality will be easier to deploy because we are not going to have to worry about CSS or optimizing our browser cacheing.  Doing this is hard enough, even if the code is so freaking sick it was typed in a hospital, even then, there is marketing, which is 80% of the deal.

Thanks, and looking forward to helping many of the world’s exceptional people live and work and eventually become Americans.