We’re pretty excited these days.  Our software is only a few weeks away from being tested and approved for launch.  Then we are in that glorious time that all software one day wants to be, in production.  We get to ship.  And that’s awesome.  We love that our methods and systems will help employers manage and apply for the best global talent.  We are going to engage in “outbound” marketing to find the right employers.  We need the YouTube channel for demos that we can show to our talent and our employers.

However, we want to be able to offer something for the H-1B visa holders.  We want to raise their profile in the community so that people realize the value that immigrants bring to the US economy.  We need to hear your story.  We are going to tell your story.  Please contact us.  You can do so in the comments below, on our facebook page, which probably directed you to this post, or on our YouTube channel.

See H-1B Success

That’s pretty much it.  We are doing this because we want to welcome the F-1 students in STEM into the US job force to keep America’s competitive advantage in technology.  So we will post some tutorials on there, but mostly we want to highlight H-1Bs in the workplace.  How they are helping America, for what employers, and who they are.  We sincerely believe that America is open for all people, but especially the world’s best and brightest.

Let us know about your story and we will publish it to raise the profile of H-1B visa holders.  Yay!!  Where’s the emojis?  Maybe if we update this on our iPhones we can replace this with a line of emojis.  Either way, tell us about you so we can tell your story on YouTube.  H-1Bs are doing great work all across America, but many people do not appreciate this enough.